Enough Is Enough

     I wanted a way to get things off my chest and voice my thoughts on the biggest issue still to this day in America. I wanted to give the perspective of a 21 year old white male living in this country who is begging for change because there is hardly any of that. To all the white people reading this, we need to do better. People have been fighting centuries for equality and the same opportunities we get in life, and there still has not been change. You still see racism on a daily basis. At this point white people need to take the wheel and demand better. We cannot continue to sit back and not speak out on these issues, we need to be about legitimate action towards change. We love to sit here and claim this country as the land of the free but in all reality it is far from that for whole groups of people. Why does a man get shot 7 times in the back for not complying with police and another gets to walk right by police after shooting multiple people and ultimately killing two? In America it seems far too often than not, the darker your skin, the more of a threat to society you are. If you ask me, the most dangerous group of people in this country are racist white people. I have always thought that and what has transpired over the past couple of months has solidified that thought for me. 

     I get told almost daily at this point "Why aren't more white people like you?". I always kind of just shrugged it off and said I don't know. But in the last couple of months I have taken that to heart and know that there is weight to that statement. I know for a fact I am a part of the very small percentage of white folks who get angered by the social injustices going on and that needs to change. More white people than ever were speaking out against racism when George Floyd was murdered and then a few weeks later that train lost its steam. Why? Because us white people do not face racism and inequalities on a daily basis. So when it's not being talked about by everyone, the majority of White America thinks it doesn't pertain to them. Now with the incident involving Jacob Blake I don't see nearly as many white people speaking out and why is that? To me, white people are afraid to speak out against racism and that has always been the case. Coming from a white person the overwhelming majority of white kids growing up never hear about racism or inequalities until they get into the world and see it first hand. At that point it's too late. You end up with a large amount of white people not knowing that they themselves are racist. Take the simple example of a white lady clenching her purse or bringing it closer to her as she passes a black man. That is a form of racism and they don't think anything of it. I prefer to call that subtle racism, the most dangerous and most occurring type of racism.

    My whole life I have grown up consuming black culture on a daily basis, all throughout elementary & middle school I probably had a total of 2-3 white friends. Whether it was playing basketball from the age of six, the way I dress and the culture I love to be a part of, or the music I listen to on a daily basis. From the very beginning the black community has embraced me and accepted me for who I am, and not the fact that Im a white guy. So why is it that we cant do that in return? To keep it short, I believe it's simply the racism that has been passed down for generations. I know plenty of people, and I'm sure you do as well, who are racist but genuinely don't think they are. Those are the people that are contributing most to this ongoing issue. But you know what it is and why they think that? It is subtle racism that is learned from the habits/thoughts of their parents. I have always been of the mindset that racism is passed down and inherited. A lot of my closest friends in my life and throughout my life have been black, that's just what it is. So when I see these videos and social injustices and inequities black people face day to day it angers me and upsets me to a further extent than the average white person. But at the same time just because you don't have a close black friend that doesn't mean you shouldn't be speaking out against racism. I have always said, you don't have to be a certain skin color to feel outraged by the issue of racism. 

    I will not sit here for one second and act like I know how it is to live as any other race in this country because I don't and never will. If what is going on right now doesn't genuinely make you angry or upset than you need to re-evaluate yourself as a human being. If you watch any of these videos involving police brutality and you don't feel anger and a sense of sadness inside of you then maybe you are a part of the problem. Racism today is still prevalent in today's society. NBA teams boycotted playoff games yesterday and today due to racism. The last time an NBA game was boycotted was in the 1960's and again that was a result of racism. Nearly 60 years later and it is a identical situation so how can we say there has been legitimate change? In all reality there hasn't and if you want to argue otherwise you a part of the ongoing problem. Black people still face inequities and injustices on a daily basis. You might be asking yourself, why did he take the time out of his day to sit down and write all of this? I needed to give my perspective and thoughts on what is going on because more white people need to do the same. I wanted to show other white people that it is okay to speak out against racism and it is necessary to have those uncomfortable conversations with your black friends. I challenge every white person who comes across this to do something similar and continue to spread the RIGHT message to other white people. Stand up for what is right, if you see your family members or friends showing signs of racism put them in their place right that minute. If we are going to see actual change in this country white people are going to need to do their part. Sharing a post on your stories or retweeting something is not enough anymore. We need to back our words with actions and we need to do it consistently not just when it's trendy and everyone else is doing it.